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Web Site Audits


Does your business have an U.G.L.Y. web site? U.G.L.Y. web sites have one or more of the following features.


U =
Unresponsive, takes a long time to load, and/or certain functions on the web site do not work.
G =
Goofy navigation or graphics that make your site difficult to use and distract your visitor from understanding, using, or buying your products or services.
L =
Lost in cyberspace, because you cannot be found by you potential customer through the major search engines.
Y =
Customers look at your web site and ask "WHY?" did you bother to even have a web site, because is it not usable.


Performing an audit on your Informational or E-Commerce web site will enable our company to provide you with valuable reports that offer both recommendations and established techniques that will increase the amount of traffic directed to your web site and increase your online conversion rates. Inadequate navigation design has been directly attributed to web site failure. This evaluation ensures that your web site complies with the most advantageous search engine optimization procedures and provides a solid foundation to measure your marketing efforts.


We will provide you a report that identifies if your site is currently using the Best and/or Worst SEO practices. This actionable report will allow you to learn if your site needs to be optimized and what you will need to do to properly optimize the site.

Wright Consulting Firm's web site audits help insure that your
business does not have an U.G.L.Y. web site.

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